Concurrent Session One

Monday, May 2, 2016 at 2:15 pm


60-minute Interactive Workshop (Regina Room)

Linking Learning Communities with Stories

Nancy Carswell, Saskatchewan Polytechnic

Abstract: Stories are engaging, memorable, AND build shared connections BUT often they are not included in online courses because they are perceived as too personal and/or time consuming.  THEREFORE, in this session discover and practice Randy Olson’s effective rapid “And-But-Therefore” (ABT) formula that brings the power of storytelling online.


60-minute Interactive Workshop (Wascana Room)

Creating Learning Communities with High Altitude Balloon Launches using Open-Source Technologies

David Gerhard and Stephen Cheng, University of Regina

Abstract: Stratosphere balloon projects have been used to engage students building learning communities. We will demonstrate how the national high altitude balloon experiment program has been successfully used to engage K-12 and post-secondary students across Canada. Participants will see the near-space video footage and environmental data collected with open source technologies.


60-minute Panel Discussion (CTL Instructional Space)

We Synch or Swim Together – Panel on Synchronous Activities in Online Learning

Gregory Bawden, Michelle van Ginneken, Erin Beckwell, Leah Knibbs and Ken Kolb, University of Regina

Abstract: Introducing synchronous elements can increase student engagement, combat isolation, and help establish a positive learning environment.  Join U of Regina instructors, Erin Beckwell [Faculty of Social Work], Kenneth Kolb [Centre for Continuing Education], and Leah Knibbs [Faculty of Business Administration] to see how they have incorporated synchronous elements within their online courses.