Concurrent Session Eight

Tuesday, May 3, 2016 at 3:15 pm


45-minute Interactive Workshop (Regina Room)

Constructing Digital Identities and Personal Learning Networks: Supports in Becoming Anti-oppressive Educators

Meagan Dobson and Raquel Bellefleur, University of Regina

Abstract: In the proposed presentation, we discuss the ways we have used a variety of platforms to build our digital identities, to construct ourselves as anti-oppressive educators, and to develop personal learning networks. We will also share the ways in which we have transferred our experiences into our teaching practices.


45-minute Research Presentation (Wascana Room)

Integrating Technology to Connect Post-Secondary Students with Enterprises in a Community

Aldene Meis Mason, Faculty of Business Administration, University of Regina

Abstract: Students in undergraduate and graduate Strategy courses used technology to partner with nine enterprises in Nipawin, Saskatchewan. The students gained valuable real world experience by preparing strategic analysis consulting reports. Outcomes included increased engagement and improved research and critical thinking skills. Enterprises benefited by new business knowledge and improved sustainability.


45-minute Research Presentation (CTL Instructional Space)

Digital Smart Board for Masses – Next Revolution in Bringing Augmented Reality to our Classes

Daniel Soto Lopez and Mehran Mehrandezh, University of Regina

Abstract: Using a simpler and more accessible design we developed a cost-effective portable digital smart board that can turn a writing pad into a smart board by using an IR pen, an IR eraser and a Wii-based IR detector. With these tools, the user can write on a board and erase the material as normally is done in classroom.